Our take-home meals are all handmade using the freshest ingredients available.  We are also very conscientious of dietary restrictions and so we take extra care where sodium is involved.  In addition, most of these listed selections are wheat & gluten free with the exception of Lobster Mac & Cheese.  Many of the choices are available in 3 sizes (300+ grams, 400+ grams, and 850+ grams). Note: not all meals come in every size.

All dishes are fully cooked and then frozen.  Only reheating (in an oven or a microwave) is necessary to enjoy a tasty and complete meal.

In an oven – the container must be placed on a baking sheet.  It cannot be directly on the oven rack.

Special Note:  Our containers are safe in the oven up to 375 degrees or microwave and contain no harmful plastics.

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