Dessert pies and cheesecakes are not available for home delivery due to their fragility but you can pick them up at one of our three Farmers' Market locations.


4" dessert pies $3.00 each 6 for $15.00 or $28.00 per dozen

9" dessert pies $13.00 each

Cheesecakes $3.50 each or 6 for $18.00

9" Oreo Cheesecake $13.00

All dessert pies are open-faced (no top crust). All of the dessert pies are fresh - with the exception of Pumpkin and Pecan-Coconut Pie which are baked and then frozen.

Cheesecakes are frozen on the bottom with fresh fruit topping.

The dessert pies are made using a sweetened pastry crust. For the fruit fillings, the crusts are pre-baked before the filling is added.

Some dessert pies are subject to seasonal availability.

Also, during special Holiday times of the year, we may have a special dessert pie available. Sign up for our eNewsletter to be notified of these.

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